Richmond Motor Club, Dick Horner Trophy Trial, Wensley, Sunday.

The Richmond club again demonstrated the popularity of their trials on Sunday at Wensley where one hundred and thirty five competitors arrived to compete in the Dick Horner Trial. This was not a trial for the expert, inter or novice grade riders but for clubman category, youths, and more notable, twenty five youngsters from the age of four upwards! Some were even first timer triallers. That group were under the control of Ted Harston who has trained, coached and cajoled riders for almost thirty years. He is now tutoring children of the children he initially introduced to trials. Thanks to the Bolton Estate and Metcalfe Farm and the efforts of Pete Simpson and Chris Iveson the trial ran a long course via Showl Wood where eight sections were marked in the wood above the railway line then a total contrast in Wensley Ghyll where two feet of water surged over the many waterfalls on track for the river. Despite the torrent judicious section marking avoided any rescue situation although there were a few wet feet. The Showl Woods sections were another story. National ace Guy Kendrew observed the section where only Mark Willis and Alan Richardson rode once without penalty.

Willis, Paul Dennis nd Will Reynolds incurred the only single penalties. The latter no worse after his Antipodean adventure last year and back to the reality of the English winter. Richardson was on the move until he stopped in front of Kendrew on lap three. That loss and eight marks in section four handed the Green course prize to Masham Sausages boss Dennis but only after a tight run with Willis who also lost the class in section five on lap one.

Top youth Tom Needham also succeded over rival Ryan Brown in sections two and three and ended the day split by just a single penalty. The top clubman was again Paul Sadler who rode all three laps with penalty while Andy Kearton matched Paul until the Kendrew climb on the final lap where a boot went down. Pre-65 Scottish winner Tony Calvert also cleaned the course on his 4RT. The over forties scores rose in single figures to Darren Fowler who opened up a string of ten scores-five riders on ten. T.T. winner Mick Grant had to watch Fellbeck farmer Norman Shepherd return a clean sheet while he had Yrjo Vesterinen right on his case. Vesty was just so smooth. Andrew Reynolds and Will Handley topped Youth Class B ahead of Ryan Brown's kid brother. In Class C Callum Fowler excelled on the full course with a storming ride. He had the right line and speed in the deep water at section ten but was down on grip at the muddy exit climb at the preceeding section where Mone Andrew put in the best scores.Two newcomers, one in Class B, were Jack Dent and in Small Wheels brother Josh. Their uncle is Steve Lambert so that brings in more Coverdale residents. Ted Harston set out three different routes for the Small Wheels class. All eight sections offered different tactics and also the youngster covered four laps so it was a

testing day - for the parents!!!


Thirsk & D.M.C. Trial, Long Plain Farm, Hambleton, Sunday.

Heavy overnight rain before Sunday`s trial gave Thirsk a test of endurance but eventually, were lucky with a dry day for the ninety three contenders at the Long Plain Farm venue. A revamped lap and new sections cut out really rang the changes and Richmond`s Richard Sadler was bang on form to lead Ian Austermuhle and Adam Milner home in a strong expert class. Nikita Smith riding Clubman A and class winner Alan Carr were best here on one and two lost respectively, as runner up Mike Noble messed it up first lap. New hazards, numbers three and four, had torrents of water gushing down the old stream bed making it difficult to read and taking marks. The steep plunge into the river of three had Sadler and Austy lose the odd one, and on clubman route only Chris Jewell and Will Wainwright remained clean each visit. Sadler excelled on section nine perched high up in the quarry toward the finish, in over muddy rocks and exit up slippy bank with grip non existent, losing just two marks. Austy struggled with eleven lost on this one, while young Mark Myers piled the revs on last lap to clean it on his Beta 80. A strong entry in Clubman B class and they really had something to go at for a change. Rob Hardisty and Phillip Hammond had a good battle, just three marks in it to finish in that order with Ian Myers third, Myers dropping back on the fourth and tenth. .


Weekend Results Check.

Richmond Motor Club, Dick Horner Trophy Trial, Wensley, Sunday.

Green course: 1 Paul Dennis (Beta) 15, 2 Mark Willis (Montesa) 17, 3 Allan Richardson (Gas Gas) 19.

Youth Class A: 1 Tom Needham (Gas Gas)19, 2 Ryan Brown (Beta) 20, 3 Guy Stones (Beta) 23.

Clubman: 1 Paul Sadler (Beta) 0, 2 Andy Kearton (Montesa) 1, 3 Shaun Clennell (Montesa) 4.

Over 40's: Tony Calvert (Montesa) 0, 2 David Shields (Sherco) 4, 3 Mark Whelan (Beta) 5.

Twin Shock: 1 Norman Shepherd (BSA) 0, 2 Mick Grant (BSA) 5, 3 Yrjo Vesterinen (BSA) 6.

Youth Class A: Mathew Allum 31, 2 Tom Ridley 84. (All Beta.

Youth Class B: 1 Andrew Reynolds (Beta) 11, 2 Will Handley (Gas Gas) 11, 3 Josh Brown (Beta) 13.

Youth Class C: 1 Callum Fowler 30, 2 Monte Andrew 41, 3 Harry Mugridge 51.

(All Beta).

Small wheels.

Youth class DE: 1 Conrad Andrew (Beta) 23, 2 Ben Sunter (Oset) 45.

Youth Class BE: 1 Sam Armtrong (Beta) 22, 2 Jack Vasey (Beta) 34, 3 Oliver Wright ( ) 41.

Youth Class E: 1 Daisy Cannell 84, 2 Alfie Astwood 85. (All Oset).

Youth Class ED: 1 Rory Wilkinson (Sherco) 26, 2 Charlie Astwood (Beta) 28, 3 Ashley Watson (Oset) 34.

Youth Class EB: 1 Bobbie Pulman (Gas Gas) 32, 2 Laurie Blades (Beta) 48.


Thirsk & D.M.C. Trial, Long Plain Farm, Hambleton, Sunday.

Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Beta) 22, 2 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 37, 3 Adam Milner (TRS) 43.

Intermediates: 1 Callum Williamson (Sherco) 86, 2 Jonathan Frost (Beta) 88,

3 James Wainwright (Beta) 94.

Clubman A: 1 Alan Carr (Scorpa) 53, 2 Mike Noble (Montesa) 62, 3 Nikita Smith (Gas Gas) 63.

Clubman B: 1 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 6, 2 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 9, 3 Ian Myers (Sherco) 13.

Conducted YD: 1 Harrison Skelton (Oset) 35, 2 Mason Vasey (Oset) 44, 3 Matilda Arbon (Oset 53.


Weekend Fixture List.


Hook Woods M.C.C. 1st Keedwell British Championship Trial, Hook Wood, West Horsley. 9.30 am.


Scarborough & D.M.C. Open March Trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, 10.30 am.

Spen Valley M.C.C. West Yorkshire Championship, Harden Moor, 11.00 am.