A BATTERED Ian Austermuhle won the 65th Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial on Sunday from a troubled Rob Waite and an attacking Ross Crosby.

It was a repeat of last year where the Beta UK teamster cleaned the famed Halton Gill Waterfall section while Dan Thorpe watched, and waited.

That Austy clean was repeated late on Sunday afternoon but no Thorpe was spectating. For Ian it was a return to trialling after a belated honeymoon with his wife Beth.

After the leg breaking activities of the new Mrs Austermuhle four weeks before her wedding there was no way that Ian was going to touch his Beta UK machine until the Thailand honeymoon was achieved. His first ride on his Beta was last Thursday evening and he promptly dived over the handlebars. Some return.

That mild endo bruised his right thigh and damaged his left wrist. With Ibruprofen liberally applied that got him through the day but the signs were right there in the closing stages with a four mark loss in Robbos A sections. The Rob Waite story started with a late start. The Hurworth contender damaged the Beta brakes but managed to get the problem sorted and finished well in time. With the sun blazing down the temperature was knocking 24c as the final sections were ridden by some wilting competitors but the Halton Gill Ladies had a feast ready and waiting, as they have for the last 20 years.

ANDREW SWAINSTON delivered the goods on Friday evening at Applegarth where the views and spectacular weather contributed towards a fine trial.

The Swainston efforts produced ten sections just below the infamous Clapgate section which is the last bastion in Scott Trial folklore.

The opening section for the eighty one contenders, in 11 classes, was manned by one Bruce Storr, also of Scott Trial fame. The clerk of the course for the top British trial was disguised by a large bushtucker Outback hat of Australian proportions, bigger and better than any other, His section was easy and right to get the show on the road.

The easy route missed the final exit step which the hard route runners flew up with plenty of airtime. The second section was a few yards away near the plantation and the boundary wall. The adverse camber lines then a drop off and descent tested many, especially the turn. The hard route line took in a step and grass so some aggression was the key to cleaning the section.

The third was harder with a sharp left turn and a dive down a steep bank. The steep exit line suited Montesa 4RT machines who created a benchmark. The wider the throttle the greater the effect.

The eight and ninth sections were in the Clapgate ravine where the final section was a hillclimb and a blast for every rider. The small wheelers, all seven of them, were dominated my Imogen Laws who managed quite well without her father Chris. A dab from Miss Laws was an exceptional result. Visit www.richmondmotorclub.com.

YARM’S Graham Scott rode his Beta to a clear win in the Saturday evening in Middlesbrough DMC’s Clubman trial at Beak Hills Farm, Chopgate.

Rock outcrops and grassy climbs featured strongly but Scott and Clubman B winner Steven Perry returning for a one off ride on his brothers Gas Gas – mastered them superbly, losing only one mark each to win their class.

Scott lost his on the rocks of section eight and Perry on the broken down wall of two. Tom Cleasby and Middlesbrough’s Phil Manton dropped marks but hung on to claim second and third ahead of the improving Steven Cross.