JAMES DABILL levelled with Michael Brown on 37 points on Sunday at Low Row where the Richmond Motor Club staged the second of the ACU British Trials Championship.

Scarborough JST Gas Gas teamster Brown won round one from Dabill and but for that failure was putting pressure on the Cookridge international.

In the Expert and Youth classes Faceby’s Guy Kendrew scored his second victory in the series.

HULL Auto Clubs Jim Austermuhle and his dedicated band of helpers staged a successful Dave Summer Kennington Cup charity trial in Farndale.

Teenage JST Gas Gas ace Dan Peace who beat Tom Affleck from Yarm by five marks.The clubman routes were spot on and three old hands battled for the spoils in Class A. York’s Mark Coulson taking it by one mark with Trevor Willans and Dave Hardy third.

NORTH EAST trials entries are down at the moment, as seen by less than 30 riders turning out for the Senior Trial on Sunday, held at Butsfield Quarry near Consett.

Ian Stephen claimed the honour. Jason Scott pulled off another win on the Clubman Course.

Class B contender Jack Biggins matched the winner’s score while taking his class win. Adrian Gallon was in a class of his own on the Easy Course, with just two marks to his name at the finish.

CONSETT Motor held a trial at Butsfield Quarry in County Durham on Saturday afternoon.

Colin Ward remained unpenalised all day on the Clubman Route, to take the win. On the Easy Course, Paul Martin won with a score of six.

YARM’S Graham Scott won at Middlesbrough DMC’s Clubman trial at Battersby on Saturday night.

IN THE Scarborough DMC Championship, Simon Kershaw dropped only four marks to win a hard expert class.