WEST WITTON joiner Richard Sadler carved a one penalty advantage on Sunday at Wensley to win the annual Gerald Simpson Memorial Trial for Arkegarthdale teenager James Stones.

Both ride as team members of the MRS Sherco trials team. It was a sensational result for the six-footer, who won the first timer award at the Scottish Six Days Trial two weeks ago.

The Stones family excelled with cousin Jack Stones winning the Inter class in the one and nine strong entry. Norton gas rig technician Roger Williams won the Over 40s class from Paul Dennis and Eddie Airken .

THERE WAS glorious sunshine for the 60 entrants at Northallerton DMC trial at their Chopgate venue and the stylish John Benton, from Great Edstone, stole the show as Best Intermediate, and Thirsk`s Nigel Todd clinched Clubman A.

Willie Wood, from Hutton le Hole, tied for the win with Derek Bainbridge with an unpenalised ride to head Clubman B, the two Guisborough lads – both Fantic mounted – Rick Jackson and Andy Waugh were well matched, Jackson shading it by remaining clean, Waugh succumbing to pressure and dropping a mark on the climb of section 10.

SUMMER is back, and that means Wednesday nights at Pea Farm, near Stanley, for the North East trials. Last week the series got under way with almost 50 turning out to brush up on their skills.

Youngsters Scott Aitkin and Colin Ward were both on form, going clean all evening as Steve Whittaker just missed out with a single mark in section four.

Travis Ward was another going well until a three in the last section put him out of the running. It was a similar result on the Easy Course, where no less than three went clean, Brian Ridley, Paul Martin and Micky Johnson all sharing the win.

THE funeral of Eric Rathmell took place at Bishop Thornton Church on Friday. The 93-yearold father of Malcolm and Gerald Rathmell passed away two weeks ago. Eric Rathmell was skilled motor engineer, a national class trials in his heyday and a brilliant tactician in motorcycle sport. He was clerk of course for the legendary Ilkley Grand National Trial at Beamsley for three decades.

All the members of Lampkin and Hemingway families attended the service along with Peggy and Colin Appleyard.

Weekend Results Check Richmond Motor Club annual Gerald Simpson Memorial Trial, Carlton. – Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (Sherco) 10, 2 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 13, 3 Danny Gamble (Beta) 23. Inters: 1 Jack Stones (Gas Gas) 32, 2 Matt Maynard (Sherco) 50, 3 Chris Alford (Gas Gas) 56.

Novices: 1 James Stones (Sherco) 11, 2 Tom Fraser (Sherco) 55, 3 Nathan Cannell (Gas Gas) 55. Clubmen: 1 Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 3, 2 Brendan Suffell (Gas Gas) 14, 3 Adrian Harrison (Sherco) 15. Over 40’s: 1 Roger Williams (Yamaha) 10, 2 Paul Dennis (Beta) 13, 3 Eddie Aitken (Gas Gas) 22. Over 50’s: 1 Paul Sadler (Sherco) 11, 2 Allan Richardson (Gas Gas 21, 3 Ian Haigh (Gas Gas) 23.

Northallerton & DMC Trial, High Broomflat, Chopgate, Sunday. – Intermediate: John Benton (Gas Gas) 17. Clubman A: 1 Nigel Todd (Beta) 6, 2 Richard Hildrick (Beta) 7, 3 Andy Keel (Gas Gas) 7. Clubman B: 1 = Willie Wood (Beta) 0, Derek Bainbridge (Honda) 0, 3 Clive Metcalfe (Sherco) 1.

Twin Shock: 1 Rick Jackson (Fantic) 0, 2 Andy Waugh (Fantic) 1, 3 Mick Orange (Fantic) 2. Youth A: Tom Alderson (Sherco) 45.

Consett MCC Trial, Pea Farm, Stanley, Wednesday. – Clubman Course: 1 Scott Aitkin (Gas Gas)/Colin Ward (Beta) 0, 3 Steve Whittaker (Gas Gas) 1. Easy Course: 1= Brian Ridley (Fantic), Paul Martin (Honda) and Micky Johnson (Yamaha) 0.

Weekend Fixture List Saturday: Richmond DMC Blue Bar Trophy Trial, Carlton, 1pm Sunday: Horsforth DMC West Yorkshire Championship trial, Addingham Moorside, 10.30 am.

Scarborough DMC Second club trial, Low North Park, Harwood Dale, 10.30am. Richmond DMC Blue Bar Trial, restart, Carlton, 11am.

Monday: Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club.

Annual Reunion Trial, Dob Park, Clifton, Otley, 4pm.