NORTHALLERTON DMC enjoyed dry blustery conditions, the second time of asking, for their popular Chequers Trial on Saturday. Held high above Osmotherley, North Yorkshire, it drew a top-class entry of 90 riders.

Clerk of course Nigel Rooksby marked a two-lap 16-section course.

Ian Austermuhle was at his superb best, giving a demonstration of why he is still one of the most difficult riders to beat.

Richard Sadler had him in his sights all day, but one mark dropped on the slippy, stream bed exit of section three meant runner-up berth for the young Richmond rider. Third place man Dan Thorpe needed two dabs on the fourth and seventh but James Carr, second time out on a Jotagas was unlucky on the rocky gully of 14, a superb clean to within a foot of the exit. Gas Gas rig technician Roger Williams won the Intermediate class from Richard Fawcett and Eddie Aitkin.

Alan Maynard topped the Class B, only the tight gap between rocks where Jim Austermuhle observed causing him problems, losing four of his total here.

MARTIN FAIRBURN pressed all the right buttons on Sunday as clerk of course for Horsforth DMC’s annual Basic Memorial Trial at Blubberhouses, North Yorkhshire, where the sun shone, the 18 trials sections dried out and the A59 trunk road in the deep valley was a nose-to-tail procession, intermingled with pedal cyclists.

It was a good day for MRS Sherco front runner Richard Sadler who rode all 36 sections with his boots firmly on the pegs, while Dan Thorpe a mark in Rockingstones and another on the run in through final group. The format was a seven section starter then two laps of Mooredge, Rockingstones and Readshaw then a repeat of the first group. The first seven extracted few marks the leap over the chasm at the top of the third was daunting, but Kieran Child and Joe Faunthorpe cruised it as did Youth class winner Sam Johnson. Martin Crosswaite, Sam Yeadon and Gavin Lowther dropped singles but Phil Alderson and Gavin Black maxed the penultimate rock climb.

The single section route format worked well. The tenth section on the double lap loop took out Jack Price and Ross Crosby, Tom Hick and Gavin Lowther who all failed on their first visit. Price was clean to that section as was Crosby, Jack Price, Roger Williams, Tom Hick and James Stones.

Only 58 riders entered, which was a poor show, but with the Bemrose Trial 60 miles south and Scarborough running at Low North Park, something had to suffer.

BEDLINGTON Motor Club took over the Newcastle Club’s date on Sunday and staged a four-lap ten section trial for60 riders at their Hope Farm venue, near Longframlington, in Northumberland.

The winner was Ossa mounted Michael Phillipson and he put in another winning performance to beat his nearest challenger Billy Bolt.

Phillipson set his stall out with just three marks on the first section as the rest struggled, but he almost threw away the win with a five on section four as Bolt remained clean, but the Wallsend youth did likewise on section nine to sacrifice the win.

Ian Stephen (Gas Gas) finished a distant third.James Harland started his Scottish Pre 65 defence with a win on the Clubman course riding his Triumph. Harland did enough to beat Tony Hodgson (Gas Gas) by one mark at the end of the day.

Steven Johnson (Montesa) kept his decent run of form with third place on 29.

There was another Twin Shock machine at the head of the Easy course, where Ian Cheetham took his Francis Barnett round for 14, followed by Beta rider John Palmer just four marks adrift.


Horsforth DMC Basic Memorial Trial, Blubberhouses, Sunday. Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (MRS Sherco) 0 (Watson Cairns Trophy), 2 Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 2 (Marsden Trophy), 3 Jack Price (R & T JST Gas Gas) 9. Inters: 1 Jack Stones (JST Gas Gas) 17, 2 Roger Williams (Beta) 21, 3 Gavin Black (Montesa) 28.

Novices: 1 James Stones (MRS Sherco) 10 (C Rogers Trophy), 2 Mark Sunter (Gas Gas) 28, 3 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 29, Youth Class A: 1 Sam Johnson (Beta) 39 (Mini Cup), 2 Keiran Child (Beta) 46 (Jubilee Trophy), 3 Nathan Parker (Ossa) 56.

Northallerton DMC Chequers Trial, Osmotherley, Saturday. Expert: 1 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 0, 2 Richard Sadler (Sherco) 1, 3 Dan Thorpe (Gas Gas) 6. Intermediate: Roger Williams (Beta) 45.

Clubman A: 1 Eddie Aitkin (Gas Gas) 12, 2 Carl Shaw (Beta) 15, 3 Stephen Bennett (Gas Gas) 17. Clubman B: 1 Alan Maynard (Sherco) 7, 2 Roy Jarvis (Beta) 8, 3Andrew Milburn (Gas Gas) 12.

Bedlington & DMC Trial, Hope Farm, Long Framlington, Sunday. Expert Course: 1 Michael Phillipson (Ossa) 10, 2 Billy Bolt (Ossa) 13, 3 Ian Stephens (Gas Gas) 49. Youth A: Bobby Clark (Ossa) 93.

Clubman course:1 James Harland (Triumph) 21, 2 Tony Hodgson (Gas Gas) 22, 3 Steven Johnson (Montesa) 29. Youth B: Jack Biggins (Beta) 54. Easy Course: 1 Ian Cheetham (Francis Barnett) 14, 2 John Palmer (Beta) 18, 3 Paul Martin (Montesa) 24. Youth A: Daniel Ditchburn (Ossa) 34. Youth B: Mathew Ball (Gas Gas) 41. Youth C: Adam Biggins (Beta) 56. Twin shock: Ross Thompson (SWM) 33.


Northallerton DMC Girsby Trial, Girsby, 10.30am. Richmond & DMC Noel Peacock Memorial Trial, Hurst, DL11 7NW, 10.30am.