BETA rider Ian Austermuhle was in superb form at Low North Park, Harwood Dale, on Sunday to win the Scarborough DMC February Trial by one mark from reigning British champion Michael Brown, with Andy Chilton finishing third With East Yorks, Adult A, Southern Group and Youth A Championship points all at stake – plus blue sky and sunshine – it attracted the cream of East Yorks experts into battle over a four-lap, ten-section course.

The top contenders breezed through the early sections, but the greasy angled rocks of section five proved the decider and surprisingly Brown succumbed here with three lost. Austermuhle lost one mark in the middle gully second lap, as did Brown, but it was enough to seal the win.

THE Yeadon-Guiseley Club managed to stage the second round of the Yorkshire Centre Trials Championship at Keighley Gate, West Yorkshire – the Cobb and Jagger Trophy Trial – on Sunday in dry bright weather.

In the adult ranks, Denby Dale’s Jack Price was holding on to national double S3 Parts champion Richard Sadler who dropped two penalties on the first of three laps.

Price rode the first two laps on a single penalty but stopped on the rocks at the end of the third section on his final lap. Sadler lost three marks in the stream at the fourth section and one mark on the very hard eighth section and that won the West Witton rider the event.

Norton’s Roger William jetted home for his leave period and opted to ride the trial on Sunday morning. It was a good move because he won the Clubman A section.

A total of 118 riders contended the adult course while 26 boys and girls competed on a separate Small Wheels five and eight-section group.

Catterick’s Elliott Laws was just too sharp for Shepley’s Harvey Mosley and East Keswick boy Harry Hemingway.

Harry’s brother George won the middle course class from Keighley’s Myles Hutchinson and Ravensworth’s Monte Andrew. Baildon Osett rider Alex Horne won the easy course from Conrad Andrew.

THE North-East Centre ACU got its 2014 championship under way on Sunday, when the Centre Championship Trial was hosted by Seaton Delaval Motor Club, on land kindly supplied by the Consett Club.

The experts were the Ossa pair of Michael Phillipson and Billy Bolt who yet again finished on the same marks, with Phillipson claiming the win after the tie decider.

Surprise package on the Clubman route was Class A rider Bobby Clarke (Ossa) who not only beat dad Phil for the first time but almost took the outright win.

The Easy course included classes for twin shocks, pre 65 and Youth C and D, and was marked accordingly.

STUART LOWTHER continues to hold the office of Yorkshire Centre ACU president after the annual meeting on Tuesday evening. The Brompton-on-Swale trials rider is also treasurer of Richmond Motor Club.

Stuart organises, rides and observes trial as well as understanding the financial aspects, so he has his feet planted in trials right across the spectrum. Not only is he conversant with sport on wheels. His daughters are keen equestrian competitors, so the element of competition runs right through the Lowther household.


Scarborough DMC February Trial

Low North Park, Sunday.

Expert: 1 Ian Austermuhle (Beta) 3, 2 Michael Brown ((JST Gas Gas) 4.

Intermediate: 1 Matt Maynard (Sherco) 26, 2 Mark Harrison (Gas Gas) 28, 3 Andy Lockwood (Gas Gas) 42. Clubman A: 1 Tom Alderson (Sherco) 28, 2 Nikita Smith (Gas Gas) 28, 2 Alan Williams ( Montesa) 31. Clubman B: 1 Dave Wilkinson (Beta) 12, 2 Kate Hunter (Gas Gas) 18, 3 Stephen Cornforth (Beta) 18.

Youth A: 1 Dan Peace (Gas Gas) 11, 2 Jack Peace (Gas Gas) 17. Youth B: 1 Zac Collinson (Beta) 41, 2 Callum Williamson (Ossa) 68, 3 Jack Scott (Beta) 89. Youth C: 1 Elliott Woodall (Beta) 54, 2 Alick Sharp (Beta) 115, 3 Claire Collinson (Beta) 122. Adult White Course: 1 Mick Tanton (Beta) 42, 2 Eric Lonsdale (Montesa) 47, 3 Paul Turton (Beta) 73.

Yeadon-Guiseley MC Yorkshire Centre Trials Championship, Cobb & Jagger Trophy Trial

Keighley Championship course. Experts: 1 Richard Sadler (MRS Sherco) 6, 2 Jack Price (R & T Gas Gas) 8, 3 Luke Walker (MRS Sherco) 13. Inters: 1 Andy McLoughlin (Gas Gas) 47, 2 Jack Stones (Gas Gas) 56, 3 Gavin Black (Montesa) 62. Novices: 1 James Stones (MRS Sherco) 43, 2 Thomas Housecroft (Beta) 83, 3 Harry Lampkin (Beta) 86. Youths: 1 Thomas Minta (MRS Sherco) 20, 2 Sam Johnson (Beta) 76, 3 Ben Goddard (Sherco) 97. Clubman A: 1 Roger Williams (Beta) 8, 2 Andrew Jackson (Gas Gas) 9, 3 Neil Savage (Gas Gas) 23. Clubman B: 1 Stewart Oughton (Beta) 25, 2 Chris Ward (Scorpa) 27, 3 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 29. Youth A: Joseph Fox (Gas Gas) 80. Youth B: 1 Megan Savage (Beta) 126, 2 Aaron Carter (Beta) 130. Youth C: 1 Charlie Mosley 130, 2 Joe Child 136, 3 Edward Earle 137 (all Beta). Small Wheels, Hard course: 1 Elliott Laws (Beta) 9, 2 Harvey Mosley (Beta) 20, 3 Harry Hemingway (Oset) 30. Middle course: 1 George Hemingway (Oset) 46, 2 Myles Hutchinson (Oset) 60, 3 Monte Andrew (Beta) 70. Easy course: 1 Alex Horne (Oset) 16, 2 Conrad Andrew (Sherco) 16, 3 Mason Carter (Gas Gas) 12.

Seaton Delaval & DMC North East Centre ACU Championship Trial

Castleside, Sunday. Expert course: 1 Michael Phillipson (Ossa) 38, 2 Billy Bolt (Ossa) 38, 3 John Battensby (Sherco) 49. Intermediate: Roger Williams (Beta) 89. Clubman Course: 1 Trevor Willans (Beta) 4, 2 R Simpson (Sherco) 5, 3 Dale Watkin (Montesa) 7. Youth A: Bobby Clark (Ossa) 6. Youth B: Jack Biggins (Beta) 13. Easy Course: 1= Andy Lewis/Phil Manton/ J Fawcett, all 0. Twin Shock: Micky Johnson (Fantic) 3. Pre 65: Ossy Byers (Dot) 9. Youth B: Matthew Ball (Beta) 6. Youth C: Adam Biggins (Beta) 10. Ladies Youth A: Olivia Pearson (Sherco) 36.

Ladies Youth C: Amy Turpin (Beta) 26.


Northallerton DMC Chequers Trial, Osmotherley, 10am. Bradford & DMC Yorkshire Centre ACU Trials Championship, Yarnbury, 10.30am.