A SUMMER series of dressage at Catterick Saddle Club has just come to an end, with organiser Ian Brown declaring it a great success.

“The idea is that riders come and ride as many or as few tests as they like. The tests are marked immediately – there are no classes and no waiting around – and according to their marks they win bronze, silver or gold rosettes,” said Ian.

Doris Bain from Grewelthorpe, a regular over the summer, said: “It is very casual, no plaiting up or looking smart, so that suits a lot of riders. I usually do two tests, and can be in and out within an hour.”

Another regular, Jackie McCoubrey from Bramley near Masham, said: “It’s great not having to wait for a whole class to be judged. You ride your test, and by the time you’ve had a coffee and the homemade cake, you have your test marked and a rosette.”

Points winners from the series were: Prelim - 1 Doris Bain on Fergal, 2 Jackie Deverill on Midnight Scallywag.

Novice/Elementary: 1 Sandra Horner on Billy Elliot, 2 Debbie Dunleavy on Jet Set.

Med/Advanced: 1 Jo Days on Alex, 2 Elaine Wormwell on Avanti.

The Winter Series has just begun at Catterick - the dates are today, Jan 17, February 14 and March 14. To enter, text Ian on 07878 938471.