A RECENT report by the Department for Education concluded that rural isolation in North Yorkshire was holding students and employers back. The review of sixth form colleges and further education colleges concluded the lack of transport and higher level training was a barrier to young people and preventing them progressing.

But this week a number of young people featured in our newspaper have demonstrated that talent will always shine through and determination can overcome any obstacle.

Hannah Barker, from Northallerton is just 12 but has just become the Under-14s champion in the British Showjumping national championships and in May represented Great Britain in the Nations Cup.

Hannah’s uncle Paul is an international show jumper and her grandfather David was in the 1964 Olympic British showjumping team. But it was Hannah's own hard work and courage which got her to the contests and enabled her to more than hold her own amongst the older competition.

Another talented youngster is nine-year-old Benedikt Isfeld Benediktsson, who already has his own YouTube channel, can speak three languages (Spanish, Icelandic and English) and now has just had his first book published.

Benedikt, from Husthwaithe School has written his book on a pig determined to fly to the moon who seeks help from others along the way. It carries an underlying message to encourage youngsters to believe in themselves.

As thousands of young people across the county are considering their future as they received A-level and GCSEs results, it’s a message that should be shared widely. Let’s hope they inspire other young people to believe in their abilities and have the determination to follow their dreams.