THE Ninja Knitters of Bedale caused more than a bit of a stir in the community as they brought Easter to the town.

It was very nearly a stitch-up as the balaclava-clad yarn bombers put the wind up suspicious residents who feared it was something more nefarious than a few dedicated wool addicts decorating the High Street.

They called the police - and within minutes of work starting on the intricate task of connecting Easter bonnets to bollards, a PC appeared on the scene to inquire of the masked decorators what they thought they were up to.

As the yarn bombers declared their innocence and offered in evidence the knitted hats and crocheted bunnies, the officer decided they were not a risk to the public and there was no point in the locals getting the needle.

“It was very funny,” said one non-desperado ninja.

But they do now have a warning for anyone who wants to play rough. A couple of the knitted hats and decorations have been taken and one of the plants uprooted and as the whole point of the event is to make the town look good for Easter and encourage tourists and visitors to enjoy Bedale, they’ve sent out a message.

“Hands Off Our Hats’”say the ninjas, and woe betide anyone who tries to interfere with their work.

“We had some spare hats so we have replaced them, but we really want to preserve the displays over Easter so it would be appreciated if they were not damaged and people kept an eye on them,” they added.

Spectator fears the revenge of the knitting ninjas could be serious, and begs people to heed their advice. Is a pattern forming for the new Bedale Ninja Knitters?