THROUGHOUT history, humans have faced their best and worst times with a canine companion by their side.

There’s something about their loving gaze, trust, and often mischievous antics that are irresistible to us, and most dog owners would just not be the same without them.

Two women this week are taking on challenges with dogs by their side – one travelling 260km across Arctic Norway with just a sled and pack of huskies, and another who hopes to pick up a coveted Kennel Club trophy for best trainer alongside her mutts.

Richmond’s Jenny Reid is taking on her snow-capped adventure in the hope of raising cash for Alzheimer’s Society, a charity close to her heart as she lost her mum to early on-set dementia when she was just 18.

As she was only eight when her mum was first diagnosed, this meant she went through her most difficult teenage years without a mother to guide and support her – and she wanted to take on something big as a fitting tribute to her mum and others suffering from the condition. She may have a team around her, but when she is speeding across the snow, it will be her and the dogs who have control of the sled to keep each other safe.

Caroline Penistone, from Northallerton, has been training dogs since she was young and has gone on to help others to achieve the best results from their own furry pals.

She hopes to pick up the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Trainer of the Year Award at Crufts in March.

Ms Penistone has also taken time out to fundraise for dog charities, as well as undertaking a degree in canine behaviour.

Spectator wishes both women the best of luck.