IN THE news this week two stories have stood out to Spectator in the way they have highlight the differences in human nature. One has been a tribute to a man who went out of his way to be helpful to others, and the other is a story about a man who, well, hasn’t.

We heard the sad news that Councillor Michael Heseltine, who would have served his community for 40 years this May, died on December 30 following a short illness.

Cllr Heseltine has been praised for his dedication and hard work as a member of North Yorkshire County and Richmondshire District councils, and of the wide-ranging and numerous committees and organisations he involved himself in.

What has stood out though is the number of people who have said how kind, considerate, and helpful he was to new councillors over his time in office – regardless of politics.

And despite being too ill to canvas for the last election, he managed to increase his majority – a clear indication of the high regard and respect people held for him.

On the other side of the coin, we also read about possibly the grumpiest bookseller in the land – Steve Bloom of Bloomindales second-hand book shop in Hawes.

Mr Bloom charges his customers 50p to enter his shop – but his attitude towards anyone either too bemused to pay or who refuses has prompted complaints to the parish council.

Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council say they have received more than 20 complaints in the last four years, complaining of Mr Bloom’s rudeness, leading to the council calling for him to clean up his act or move out.

However, Spectator understands a more harmonious future between the bookseller and the council may be possible after Mr Bloom agreed to talks with the authority chairman about his behaviour.