IT IS a catch-22 situation – everyone knows the road network around Catterick Garrison and Colburn needs improving due to the amount of house building on every corner, and due to expected numbers of military families to rise in coming years.

But it is understandable that businesses, residents and motorists are tearing their hair out over a junction improvement scheme which should have been completed by now after a September start – at 12 weeks, long enough, some may argue – but now it is expected to be completed in July.

The problem arose when contractors dug up Catterick Road, in Catterick Garrison, and found several pipes and cables they were not expecting, and are now liaising with seven utility companies to try and either re-route or protect the lines.

Now a job which was meant to take 12 weeks to create a better junction between Catterick Road, Horne Road and Byng Road, is resulting in misery for commuters getting stuck at temporary traffic lights.

It is also frustrating business owners at White Shops, in Hildyard Row on Catterick Road, as the road works have meant customers can no longer park outside, and there have also been problems with deliveries.

A new timetable of work has been published online, but it will be April or May before work starts again, meaning it is now estimated it will be completed in July.

It is unfortunate that contractors for the council were unaware of the extra utilities under the road surface, but hopefully over the next six months allowances can be made for businesses.