THE tranquillity of the Yorkshire Dales seems to be becoming an increasingly coveted commodity.

This week Virgin Trains announced they will be beaming footage of Aysgarth Falls to rail passengers via its new onboard mindfulness channel.

The video, shot from the banks of the River Ure, is one of six films featuring calming locations around the UK and was designed with the help of the Mental Health Foundation.

The tranquillity of the beauty spot near Leyburn is designed to help passengers reduce stress and anxiety by focusing on the “present” rather than being distracted by worrying thoughts of the past or future or myriad of other things that fill our heads.

It’s good that the rest of the country is cottoning on to the fact that the Yorkshire Dales are good for mind, body and soul.

It comes a few weeks after two hours of unedited footage from a bus tootling through the Yorkshire Dales had nearly a million views transfixed when it was aired on BBC Four.

Who would have thought the No. 830 Northern Dalesman bus would be leading the way in a global viewing trend?

The popularity of “slow television” began with the broadcast of a seven-hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo, which drew in a staggering number of viewers.

Since then, footage of a sleigh ride, a canal boat trip and even several hours of birds feeding from a bird table have been beamed to viewers.

But it is a good reminder of how lucky we are to have the real thing on our doorstep.

There are some things that money can’t buy and the peacefulness, pollution-free air and beauty of our countryside are definitely among them.