DALESFOLK are a proud bunch, always keen to sing the praises of their particular patch, and Wensleydale residents are no exception.

Some of these residents with a keen eye have taken to the Upper Wensleydale Newsletter to complain about others who are less than scrupulous about tidying up after themselves.

The short article, entitled What Goes Up Must Come Down (Or Should), laments how posters advertising local fairs, galas and open days, have been left up long after the event has passed.

It states that: “They are remaining up and looking very tired after quite a long time; there are even a few weary-looking yellow (ish) bikes from Le Tour de France two years ago!”

Editor of the newsletter Alan Watkinson said he had published the article after receiving a few complaints about the messy signage.

“The notices are from different organisations and lots go up over the summer because there is more going on – but when they have been up for weeks, they look shabby and should be taken down.”

Also causing consternation among residents are the ageing bicycles which were put up in 2014 to celebrate the Grand Départ running through the region.

At the time, the brightly coloured, decorated cycles were cheerful and welcoming – but Mr Watkinson said lots of people now think they look rather sad and abandoned.

Perhaps those who like to see the bikes still hanging by roadsides and on Dales walls could spruce them up with a lick of paint or festoon them with some seasonal banners or flowers?

Spectator wonders if Dales residents will take note of the newsletter and promptly tidy up any posters they have left behind.