REGARDING the article concerning the Great Ayton petrol station expansion plans (D&S Times, August 11).

The owner Mr John Alexander says the filling station will only survive if the shop can be expanded in size as well as selling a wider range of products. The filling station has been on that site 60 years that I know of so why should it fail now?

I was at the alcohol licence meeting of Hambleton District Council as were several other objectors. We put several points to the committee especially concerning anti-social behaviour, litter and the fact that there are more than enough outlets in the village already, but against our concerns the application was passed.

The plans for this expansion include a one-way system to enter and exit the forecourt, as this site is on a roundabout with three roads feeding into it.

I can forsee severe traffic problems arising. Accidents are a regular occurrence at this junction now. Why BP is such a fantastic deal for the site I do not know as the station has survived on several brands successfully over the last few years - the only problem now is that petrol can be bought 3p-6p per litre cheaper in various outlets in Guisborough, Stokesley, Coulby Newham and Marton where the majority of the supermarkets are situated.

CP Atkinson, Great Ayton