FURTHER to your report about a lady ghost at the Blackwell Grange Hotel (D&S Times, July 21), it was always understood that the true ghost was a man with a sword.

The story is that at the turn of the century, a horseman was put up for the night and was warned about the ghost.

He noticed a life-size oil painting on the story of a gentleman suitably equipped. However after wining and dining he retired, but took the precaution of loading and priming his pistol by his bedside.

Sure enough at the stroke of midnight a man with a sword appeared in his room, our intrepid traveller seized the pistol and shot him dead.

Too frightened to move until dawn, there was no trace of his assailant.

He hastened down stairs but noticed that the picture had a bullet hole right in the heart of the gentleman with the sword.

Summoning his horse, he left on full gallops. So was said that the ghost was well and truly laid.

Perhaps, but again perhaps not!

William Robotham, Barton