YOUR editorial column is cogent (D&S Times, July 28). The mention of council services and departments having been cut to the bone is especially important.

Our primary concern should be for people who are suffering, but let us not forget the people who have to take these decisions. I hardly think that they sit at their desks joyous that they have denied vital help to someone.

Look at their situation: if they have a budget of £100k and well supported demands of £200k, what are they to do?

We may understandably criticise a particular decision, but we don’t see the competing demands. That is what they do. I’m glad it is not my job.

I won’t delve into the case for austerity, but there is a limit to significant further efficiency and savings without causing real damage to those in need. We are probably more than there already.

We have choices. Do some of us pay a little more tax to help people with vital needs, or do we prefer the ever-rampant consumer society?

Mervyn Wilmington, Harmby