I HAVE just read your report about Richmondshire District Council not having the desire, need or want to reinstate the CCTV cameras (D&S Times, July 28), and feel the 1,500 who signed the petition for their return, were ignored.

How many stabbings, muggings, car crimes, vandalism of the Christmas lights, broken shop windows and loutish behaviour, will be enough?

I have come to the conclusion that the council have their own agenda and it does not involve the locals of Richmondshire, as they appear to just need us as a cash cow. They have no problem in charging for car parking and car parking enforcement or charging for toilets, but to have a thought for safety seems a step too far. Very short sight-sighted.

There are many other ways to fund the CCTV cameras but they are not capable of that effort or desire.

Are they there to work with the people, or to dictate to them?

C Harrington, Richmond