AS members of the North York Moors Railway who have spent many holidays in North Yorkshire, mainly attracted by the heritage railway, we are horrified and disgusted by the selfish, entirely disrespectful and pointless vandalism to the railways carriages at Pickering last weekend.

We would like to send our support to the railway and to appeal to people who have information about those responsible to report them to the police or the railway.

Regardless of their age, the culprits should be put to work on the railway, going some way to putting right their actions.

This might help them realise and appreciate the devastation they are directly responsible for.

Emma and Rankin Clarkson, Ladybank, Fife

IT was with great sadness that I read about the mindless vandalism of a vintage railway carriage on the NYMR. Windows were smashed and the interiors trashed.

Almost on a daily basis we read of children’s play areas being burned and vandalised by yobs and then our cash-strapped councils have to repair the damage.

Also on a daily basis we see the effects of arson on all sorts of buildings and vehicles.

While half of this world is trying to make things work, an underground movement of subversive people are trying to destroy it.

I worked at a psychology department for 47 years and I would have dearly liked to analyse the minds of these felons.

I assume, maybe wrongly, that they do not have jobs of any kind and get their kicks from seeing the fire brigade and police turn out to sort their handiwork out.

The short sharp shock cannot come soon enough for me.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham