THE most important sentences in your leader about the Police and Crime Commissioner (D&S Times, July 21) were – “But is taking power away from a group and placing it in the hands of an individual the best way forward?

For the 16 councillors on North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority not only bring a wealth of experience to the decision-making process but possess valuable knowledge of the communities they serve.”

These sentences were not only an argument against the power-grab being attempted by the PCC but also against the very existence of the PCC herself.

Before she was originally appointed by the Conservative party (not elected by the electorate) she made the first of her questionable decisions – she announced she would dispose of Newby Wiske Hall even before the disposal had been properly assessed. The birds are now coming home to roost – for the people of Newby Wiske and probably for the residents on Crosby Road, Northallerton.

We have had the ridiculous decision to site the HQ at South Kilvington with rumours of compensation to the owner of the land for lost opportunities to sell when he had not even had it for sale.

We have never been told the cost. We have had the sale of the hall and the move to Northallerton. We are not being told the cost of that either.

Now we have her attempt to take over the fire service which is just as ridiculous.

The role of PCC was described in The Times last week as “a discredited experiment”.

It is indeed. The imposition of the role in North Yorkshire and appointment of the current holder have been a disaster. It is high time management of the local police force was again placed in the hands of a police authority with a “wealth of experience” and possession of “valuable knowledge of the communities they serve”.

David Severs, Northallerton