THE problems facing the buyers of new homes on the Castlegate Development in Northallerton is nothing short of scandalous (D&S Times, July 14). The developers should hang their heads in shame.

Bad management is at the heart of the problem.

One of the biggest problems in the building trade is the piece work or price work system that is so prevalent.

Very often the prices paid are so poor that shoddy workmanship is regrettably the end result.

Just about all contractors operate this system but they don’t back it up with strong site supervision and inspection procedures.

The lads on site take as many short cuts as possible and turn a blind eye to bad workmanship in order to make a decent wage, instead of putting it right as they go on.

Both sides are to blame but until a fair system is introduced where decent rates are paid I am afraid this shoddy work will continue.

Not a deal of consolation for the buyers I’m afraid but at the end of the day the quality of the finished item is the responsibility of the site management which in this case appears to be sadly lacking.

Lawrence Whiteley, Dalton Bridge