A BULGING bunny has shed nearly a third of her bodyweight after taking part in an animal fat camp.

Bobby was forced to cut down on the rabbit food after weighing in at 2.38kg, which left her struggling to move around her hutch and groom herself.

So owner Becky Magson, 30, from Richmond, North Yorkshire, enrolled her in the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) Pet Fit Club – an annual competition for chubby pets.

She was competing against overweight pets from across the UK for the title of Pet Fit Club Champion.

But Bobby’s impressive results – shedding 690g – earned her a position in the Highly Commended category.

She had gained weight slowly over the years by stealing extra portions from her companion’s bowl.

Ms Mason said: “Getting Bobby to lose weight has been a challenge but I’m delighted at the results.

“She is much more active and alert, plus she can also groom herself properly.

Darlington and Stockton Times: Bobby the bunny
Head Nurse Steph Middleton gets to grip with overweight Bobby

“Her relationship with my other rabbit, Lucy, has also blossomed and they have become great playmates now.

“She can live like a rabbit should and enjoy her life, which is fantastic.”

Vet Helen Dyson, from Middlesbrough PDSA PetAid hospital, said: “This is a great success story for all concerned.

“Weight loss in rabbits must be carefully managed, as losing weight too quickly can be quite dangerous for them.

“As for Bobby, she is undoubtedly much fitter and happier, and has a greater life expectancy than when she was overweight.

“I would encourage anyone with concerns about their pet’s weight to speak to their vet – they are there to help you, and can provide plenty of advice on target weights, how much to feed and suitable exercise.”

Other pet slimmers include fat cat Billie Warren, who lost 23 per cent of his bodyweight after owners Vilma and Ron Warren, of Eden Vale, Sunderland, took him on walks around the street.

Pet owners and supporters can see all of this year’s results and register to take part in the next competition at pdsa.org.uk/petfitclub