AN elderly man whose Jack Russell was savaged by another dog has warned other owners to be on the lookout.

Roland Metcalfe, 84, was walking seven-year-old Tiny on wasteland near Wesley Court, off Yarm Road, Darlington, on Thursday morning, when another dog appeared suddenly and attacked his pet.

Despite the efforts of Mr Metcalfe and a vet, Tiny had to be put to sleep earlier this week after suffering serious damage to his hind leg and going into shock.

The area is popular with dog walkers and Mr Metcalfe is now fearful that another animal, or even a child, could be attacked in the same way.

He was unable to determine the breed of the other dog, but said it was heavy built, with a strong jaw.

Mr Metcalfe said he is distraught at the loss of his pet, which he brought home as a puppy, and appealed to the owner of the other dog to examine their conscience and come forward.

He said: “There was a girl with the dog and she managed to pull them apart – she told me it wasn’t hers, that she was just looking after it for someone.

“She promised to come back and help me look after Tiny, but I never saw her again.

“I’ve had Tiny since he was a baby, I just can’t believe he’s gone in this way. I’m frightened this could happen to someone else.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Darlington reporter Vicki Henderson on 01325-505099 or email vicki. 􀁧 A DOG owner has appealed for information after her 11- month-old West Highland terrier went missing while out on a walk.

The white puppy, which answers to Callie, was being walked around the ponds near the new houses on Firth Moor, Darlington. at about 1pm on Monday when she suddenly ran off, as if startled by something.

A large number of people have been looking for Callie, but so far there has been no sign of her.

The dog was wearing a pink knitted collar with an ID disc.

She is also microchipped.

Anyone who has seen the dog is asked to call Audrey Ruecroft on 01325-463343.