PLEAS for a re-think on the banning of exporting live animals post-Brexit have been made in the House of Lords by North Yorkshire peer, Baroness McIntosh.

Lady McIntosh, formerly MP for Thirsk and Malton, and formerly chair of the powerful Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee raised the issue in the House of Lords because of rising concern over moves to ban the export of live animals after Brexit.

Current EU rules allow the export of live animals, over ruling concerns raised in Britain, but there has been a growing campaign, particularly over live animals being exported to Europe for slaughter.

Before the debate Baroness McIntosh said: "Live animals are big business in North Yorkshire, contributing to the local economy and ensuring a vibrant future for hill farmers. The Agriculture Secretary, Michael Gove, has stated that he wants to ban the export of live animals and yet the exports are currently small in number and highly regulated.

"Post Brexit there will be a need to ensure that animals, including race horses, can travel to other EU countries for breeding."

She is urging the current Environment Minister, Lord Gardiner, to spell out the existing policy on live animal exports and has asked for further information on the current Tripartite Agreement between Britain, France and Ireland on the movement of race horses.

Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, has also asked the government to spell out any recent discussions they have had with farming organisations about future support for farmers and agriculture in Britain after Brexit.