NORTH Yorkshire County Council is launching a campaign to recruit more carers to look after the county’s ageing population.

The Make Care Matter campaign is taking to the road to promote a care as a career choice.

North Yorkshire County Council and care providers will hit the road in September, visiting country shows and careers events and town venues to invite the public to sit down and talk about care, why it matters and how they can get on board in the care profession.

North Yorkshire needs more care workers than ever before to support the county’s growing number of older and vulnerable people in leading healthy and independent lives in the heart of their communities. The number of older people is growing and it is predicted that people living with dementia will increase by 20 per cent by 2020.

County Councillor Michael Harrison, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health Integration said the opportunities for career development in the sector were “greater than ever”.

“Caring is far more than just a job,” he said.

“Helping people, often with fascinating life stories, to live independently and with dignity is an important and fulfilling profession and is a crucial service in this county.”

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