A POLISH man living in Darlington enjoyed showing a group of people from the town around his home country recently.

Lukasz Samek acted as interpreter during the Darlington Town Twinning and International Association’s trip to Poland.

Members of the association travelled to Krakow and spent four days exploring its sights and sounds.

They visited football club KS Dab Zabierzow and presented the chairman with a Darlington FC pennant before discussing plans for the Polish team to play against local teams in Darlington next year.

The 21 tourists also spent a day in Niepolomis, where Mr Samek hails from.

They met the town’s mayor, Mr Roman Ptak, and gave him a framed photograph of High Row and a coal model of Locomotion No.1.

The group also visited Darlington’s cousin town Opole, Auschwitz and a host of tourist attractions during their time in Poland.

Mr Samek, who is vice-chair of the association, said: “Since settling in Darlington in 2005, I’ve been trying to develop links between the town and Poland.

“Making friends, learning about culture, visiting new places and trying Polish cuisine were among the benefits of travelling.

“Travelling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective – we had a great time.”