THE North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership is looking for the fifth recipient of the annual Pendlebury Award that recognises those who go the extra mile to look after the globally important North Pennines.

The Partnership wants to hear about groups or individuals who ensure the area, and the nature and heritage it is renowned for is conserved for years to come.

Bob Pendlebury, the inspiration behind the award, was the Partnership's first chairman as well as a local councillor and a campaigner for the area.

Previous winners of the award include botanist Dr Margaret Bradshaw OBE, Durham Countryside Ranger David Liddle and Ian Forbes MBE, who ran Killhope, North of England Lead Mining Museum.

Last year’s winners were Chris and Heather McCarty who between them had careers in nature conservation for over 50 years, working side-by-side at Natural England’s Moor House - Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve.

The winner will be announced at the AONB Partnership’s Annual Forum, which is being held in early November.

Chris Woodley-Stewart, North Pennines AONB Partnership director, said: “Over the past four years we have had some excellent recipients who have demonstrated tireless dedication to the North Pennines. The award is a way to officially recognise the special people who do so much for the area in their spare time or working life, making a significant contribution to conservation.”

To find out more, or for a nomination form, contact Simon Wilson, 01388-528801 or visit