CONCERNS about anti-social behaviour at a Yorkshire Dales beauty spot have prompted calls for visitors to improve their behaviour or face public access being restricted.

Police have urged people to report visitors causing a nuisance beside the River Ure, near Redmire, in Wensleydale, amid reports of littering and unathorised camping.

Although a public footpath runs near the river, villagers have complained about the growing number of young people who come to drink alcohol and hold barbecues on the riverbank - and then fail to take their rubbish home.

Residents say teenagers are using the field beside the river for camping without permission.

It is claimed glass bottles are being smashed on rocks and litter thrown into the river.

The farmer has also found large numbers of visitors playing games on the field beside the river.

An unofficial car park near the river has already been closed off to deter visitors and Andrew Jordan, chairman of Redmire Parish Council warns that the landowner could restrict access if the bad behaviour continues.

He added: "Littering on the riverbank at Redmire has become a problem in recent years.

"This appears to be caused mostly by people from outside of the village using the riverbank as a place to meet, eat and drink with their friends and then leaving cans, bottles, broken glass, disposable barbecues etc behind when they go.

"The nuisance that this causes has prompted the recent closure of the car park - a move that although entirely understandable has caused inconvenience for the majority of visitors who use the riverbank responsibly."

Mr Jordan said visitors needed to understand that the only legal right of way along the riverbank was a footpath that ran parallel with the river approximately ten metres back from the waters edge.

"If this kind of action continues we may find that goodwill is withdrawn and find ourselves restricted to using the footpath only. This would be a great loss for all."

Simon Brown, managing agent for the Bolton Estate, which owns the land, confirmed there was growing concern about the level of anti-social behaviour at the site, with the tenant farmer unable to use the field beside the river because of the problems.

"Lord Bolton always makes the point that he is happy for members of the public to enjoy the walks and such like provided it's done responsibly.

"At the moment it seems that it is being abused which is a real shame."

North Yorkshire Police urged members of the public to report anti-social behaviour occurring at the river.