A BURGLARY victim was sent a foul-mouthed text message from a neighbour who helped her criminal boyfriend sell the stolen loot.

The woman was branded "a grass" and warned she would "get a good kicking" for blaming Donna Stevens for the break-in.

In fact, it was Stevens' boyfriend Martin Rees who swiped her flat screen television and Kindle e-book reader from the bedsit.

Stevens, 26, said she wrote the abusive text because all she did was accompany Rees, 34, to a pawnbrokers to sell the items.

The shop would not accept the goods because the Kindle had no charger and the telly did not have a remote control, a court heard.

Rees is said to have sold the electricals to a market stall in Redcar, east Cleveland, for just £30 so the pair could buy drugs.

Despite labelling the victim an informer, it was Stevens who blew the whistle on her partner when she was arrested and quizzed.

In her text, she said: "When I'm in Redcar next week, I'll be waiting for you, and I'm going to do some damage to you, you grass.

"Watch your back cos there are a couple of lasses who are going to give you a good kicking, you specky f***** . . . you ugly mong."

Stevens, of Helford Road, Peterlee, County Durham, admitted charges of handling stolen goods and witness intimidation.

She was given a 14-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with Probation Servjce supervision and Teesside Crown Court.

Rees, of Harewood Street, Middlesbrough, was jailed for 12 months after he admitted the December burglary.

He had been caught on closed circuit television cameras at the complex wearing a balaclava, said Mike Bosomworth, prosecuting.

His barrister, Yvonne Taylor, told the court that Rees was the sole carer for his ill mother, and prison would affect them both.

Having been released from his last sentence on licence, he was recalled when he pulled off his electronic tag, the court heard.

Rebecca Brown, for Stevens, who was first in trouble aged 12, has recently taken steps to tackle her drug addiction.