THE GREAT North Air Ambulance attended two incidents on the same stretch of road today after heavy rain caused traffic chaos.

The incidents occurred just minutes apart on a stretch of road close to the villages of Killerby and Denton, near Darlington.

A teenager picking up his A-Level results was driving in torrential rain when his car hit water and aquaplaned off the road, hitting a tree at around 2.25pm.

He was not seriously injured and after being checked over by medics was taken to hospital by road.

Minutes later, the air ambulance was called to the same area after a bus and a car collided at around 3.07pm.

Passengers in the bus were uninjured but the 58-year-old driver of the car, believed to be a local man, was also taken to Darlington Memorial Hospital by road.

Dion Arbid, doctor with the Great North Air Ambulance, said it was likely both incidents had been caused by heavy rain and water on the roads.

He warned drivers to slow down when driving in poor conditions.