SHOCKED bystanders were showered with glass when an Arriva bus struck a shelter in Darlington.

It happened on Tubwell Row at about 1.45pm today (Friday, August 8) when the number two Branksome bus tried to straighten up at the stop but hit the top corner of the shelter.

The structure bent and caused a large glass pane to shatter.

Nobody was injured in the incident and council workers were on site within minutes to clear up the mess.

Maureen Lees, 79, was waiting underneath the shelter when it shattered.

She said: “We wondered what on earth was going on; all of a sudden all this glass came down.

“There was a lady next to me and we both had glass on our clothes and in our hair, but we were okay, just a bit shocked.”

Mrs Lees added that many people around her commented that the incident bolstered the argument for the need for a designated bus station in Darlington.

“It was just too busy at the stops, especially when you get all these buses from out of town, they need somewhere safe to stop,” she said.