FISHY business was afoot in Middlesbrough this week.

Joanna Morris, a reporter with The Northern Echo, was shocked to find a shoal of fish abandoned in her front garden.

Upon leaving for work, she spotted a large fish tank, related paraphernalia and a Tupperware box full of fancy goldfish nestling next to her shrubbery.

She said: "I'm baffled, intrigued and would love to know why a load of fish have turned up unannounced.

"It was more than a bit surprising to discover them nonchalantly swimming around in their little box.

"My boyfriend says they're clearly a gift from God and is demanding we keep them but, to be honest, I'd rather have had loaves than fishes."

She added: "My boss was a bit sceptical of my strange and elaborate excuse for being late for work.

"Usually I have to put a bit more effort in to find weird stories but now they're turning up on my doorstep."

A baffled Ms Morris is now appealing for information in relation to the find before her partner sets his heart on adopting the mystery fish.

Anyone who knows why the fish were abandoned in Acklam is asked to email with a full and frank explanation.