TWO already approved applications to build 900 homes in upmarket Wynyard, between Stockton and Hartlepool, will back before a council planning committee on Wednesday (July 30).

Stockton Planning Committee gave permission for 500 homes to be built in Wynyard Village and a further 400 in neighbouring Wynyward Park last April.

But obtaining legal agreements and working out technical issues has proved so time consuming, the developers have asked for more time before signing important agreements with the council.

Stockton council approved the scheme on various conditions, including upgrading roads. Those issues have taken too long and now the applicants, Wynyard Park Ltd, and Cameron Hall Developments are asking for an extension to the deadline.

The size of the housing schemes had already been substantially reduced after concerns were raised over the impact on local roads.

Outline planning permission was originally sought for a £100m residential development of nearly 800 homes plus a 220-home retirement village at Wynyard, and a further 1,200 at the 700-acre Wynyard Park.

However, a highways study found that the local roads, including the A689, could cope with no more than 1,100 homes and the schemes were reduced. A third application, originally submitted for 600 homes inside the Hartlepool Borough Council boundary, was reduced to 200 dwellings.

Wynyard village is now 25-years-old but developers say the plan was always to extend it. However there has been some opposition from existing householders who are worried about both traffic and the community losing its village feel.

The plans include building a new primary school, playing field, doctors' surgery, sports facilities and footpaths. Stockton Borough Council's planning committee will discuss the issue at Stockton Central Library at 1.30pm on Wednesday, July 30.