A BAND of volunteer musicians will play on the historic bandstand of a North-East park on Sunday (July 27).

North Lodge Park, in Darlington, will be the venue for an afternoon of live music on Sunday (July 27), from 2pm to 5pm.

The programme covers rock, blues, reggae and jazz. Refreshments will be available.

The free community event is being hosted by the Friends of North Lodge Park, a registered charity.

All donations on the day to enable future events will be very welcome.

There will be one further event this year on Sunday, August 31.

Secretary of the Friends, Yvonne Richardson, said: “We have provided a programme of free events in the park since 2003 covering a wide range of entertainment from brass bands to belly dancing.

"Since the bandstand was restored back into use, in September 2010, we have made full use of the bandstand as a performance space for the various genres of modern music which has attracted a wider audience.

"We are grateful to the musicians who provide some great music and demonstrate the value and need for such a lovely and historic park feature and performing space."