THERE were coos all round when a pigeon set up home on a pensioner’s flat cap.

Alan Robinson refused to let the bird ruffle his feathers when it made an unscheduled landing as he walked through Darlington town centre recently.

Mr Robinson had been shopping with his blind friend Fred when the bird took a fancy to his headgear and swooped.

The attention-grabbing pigeon perched atop Mr Robinson’s flat cap for around ten minutes as crowds gathered to take photos of its publicity stunt.

Mr Robinson, 75, said: “It was a very well brought up pigeon, I was surprised that it didn’t do its business up there.

“A lot of people took photos, a bus driver even stopped and took one but the pigeon wasn’t fazed, he just kept sitting there.

“I’m not a pigeon fancier myself but it was funny and I’ve been telling all my friends about how everyone stopped to look at the man with a pigeon on his head.”

Mr Robinson was presented with a photo of his unusual headwear by a bus driver who had it printed out for him.