RESIDENTS living with an abattoir in the middle of their village will have to wait until later in the year for a solution to their problems.

Councillors today (Tuesday, July 8) decided to postpone a decision on whether to force the closure of Boosbeck abattoir using a discontinuance order, known as a section 102 notice.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s cabinet agreed to delay their decision until September, when a full report can be prepared, detailing any legal implications.

Campaigners Boosbeck Against Slaughterhouse (Bash) have been protesting about problems with the halal slaughterhouse since it was reopened in 2011 by BHM of Middlesbrough.

But East Cleveland Independent councillor Steve Kay said: “I think that this report is a fudge and the council is never going to serve a section 102 notice.

“You may prolong it and pretend to consider it but you won’t actually do it.

“What I think you should be doing is talking straight away about relocating the abattoir. It is right in the middle of the village surrounded by domestic and residential properties. Someone at some stage is going to have to grasp the nettle and pay for the relocation of this abomination which is bang in the middle of Boosbeck.”

Council leader George Dunning said: “I have made it clear as leader of the council that an abattoir should not be on any high street, especially Boosbeck, but unfortunately, like it or not, we have to obey the law.

“This Cabinet will do everything we can to resolve the issues in Boosbeck but whether we like it or not – and sometimes the law is an ass – we have to work within the remit of that law.”

One objector, who did not give her name, said: “The result of improper planning in our village is that people have to listen to sheep bleating through the night. You have to pull your blind down so you don’t see sheep’s heads roll on the floor. Children can’t wait for a bus for school without putting their hands over their mouths because of the smell.

“You can’t sit in your garden because of the sights and smells. People are stuck in their properties because they have been so devalued.”

But councillors are concerned the closure order could cost the taxpayer millions of pounds in compensation and decided they needed a full report in order to make a decision.

A section 102 order can require that buildings or works can be altered or removed, conditions on land use can be imposed or even that the use of the land should cease.