A WOMAN suffering from a debilitating condition has vowed to keep up her fight against B&Q for what she says was a botched job installing a £20,000 bathroom and kitchen.

Ann Peacock, 56, of Stockton, who has had to have her thyroid removed and struggles to get in and out of her bath, has been backed by the Ombudsman.

The mother-of-two commissioned a £700 expert report by surveyors Hunter Cowie who also backed her claims that the work was not up to scratch.

Mrs Peacock explained the kitchen and bathroom were done four years ago but the matter has not been resolved. She said B&Q have offered her £5,000 but she believes she is entitled to at least double that amount.

She claimed the shower has only been used once because it leaked so badly. Other problems include: a hole in the shower base, a hole and chip in the bath, different –coloured tiling, doors coming off fitted kitchen cupboards, every kitchen appliance being repaired and the microwave replaced after being repaired five times as well as a radiator coming off the wall.

Hunter Cowie identified 64 errors. Its report from 2012 said: “The standard of workmanship in the finishing has detracted from the overall quality of the installations.”

The Furniture Ombudsman recorded fewer errors, but was not qualified to inspect plumbing or electrical devices. The Ombudsman’s report said: “The information I obtained as a result of my visual inspection has, in my opinion, revealed product damage, along with questionable fitting skills.”

Mrs Peacock said: “They wanted all the money up front, but it was cheap stuff done in a cheap way for a lot of money.”

A spokeswoman for B&Q revealed the store was in consultation with its solicitors over the issue. She said: “We are committed to giving our customers a good shopping experience and accept our responsibilities when we fall short of this. We are sorry that we have not been able to resolve this matter."