A TEENAGER has been banned from all Arriva buses after a disagreement over porridge sparked a series of altercations with one driver.

Joshua Anthony Graham Vicker’s strained relationship with Arriva began when the 18-year-old was told he would not be allowed to board a bus while holding a hot tub of porridge, magistrates in Newton Aycliffe were told.

Prosecutor Rachel Dodsworth told the County Durham court it was a company policy that passengers are not allowed hot food on the buses.

Vickers, of Middleston Street in Darlington, threw the porridge tub at the protective window the driver sits behind.

Since then Vickers has launched several verbal attacks on the driver and is now banned from all Arriva buses, the court hard.

The latest incident came on Tuesday, June 17, when Vickers attempted to board the 14B at about 2.50pm at the Tubwell Road bus stop in Darlington.

Ms Dodsworth said the driver recognised Vickers and said he could not get on.

The prosecutor said Vickers threw a punch at the driver which connected with the man’s shoulder and, after getting off the bus, threw a can of energy drink at the door.

Vickers admitted using threatening or abusive words and behaviour.

Steph Thompson, in mitigation, said Vickers had been attempting to travel to his girlfriend’s house.

She said: “Mr Vickers would claim the driver provoked him but he knows that does not excuse his childish behaviour.”

Magistrates gave Vickers an 18 month community order with supervision and ordered him to pay £50 compensation to the driver and a £60 victim surcharge.