A VOLUNTEER police constable is to star in a new television programme in his native Poland.

Crews from Polish television channel, TTV, spent around three days filming Daniel Kempf, who works as a special constable in the North Road area of Darlington, for a new programme focussing on ex-pats who are making a difference abroad.

The programme follows the father-of-one through his policing work and day-to-day life and is expected to be broadcast early next year.

SC Kempf, from Gdansk, began working as a volunteer four years ago and has since become an integral part of the North Road team, setting up regular Polish Police and Communities Together (Pact) meetings and liaising with the Polish community.

Last year he was named Durham Police’s special constable of the year for the second time in succession.

His sergeant, Daryl Edmunds, said: “Daniel has been very successful. We are very proud of him.”