EWE won’t believe it but it’s true – the most unlikely team of photographers will be out capturing the Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France this weekend.

A flock of sheep has been recruited to catch the action as the peloton hurtles through the countryside – with the help of some nifty technology.

They’ve been converted into sheepcams by strapping state-of-the-art cameras onto their backs using adapted dog harnesses.

Farmer Ian Hammond of Harewell Hall near Harrogate has teamed up with Sony and the cameras even boast image stabilisation that smooths out all the wobbles.

Ian can remotely control the visuals of five sheepcams at the same time and if the rain should pour it won’t affect the footage as all the cameras are splash proof plus come with a waterproof case.

He said: “Locally we are really looking forward to the Tour de France coming through Yorkshire. The Dales certainly are a good test for cyclists and I’m looking forward to seeing how my flock perform as Sony’s first ever sheep cam.”