STUDENTS proved that life can be fair when they staged an annual event for charity.

The Allertonshire School, Northallerton, opened its doors to the public with its sixth charity coffee morning.

More than £180 was raised for Fair Trade by year seven students through the sale of coffee, tea, cakes and cookies, along with a tombola and Traidcraft stall.

Teacher Aileen Thompson said local businesses had supported the two-hour event with donations of raffle prizes.

“The great thing is that the children are responsible for everything,” she said. “They plan the whole event down to the publicity posters around school and town and information on the web.

“They also visited local employers and liaised with the kitchen staff who helped prepare the drinks and food. It really boosts their confidence and gives them greater appreciation of the work involved in organising and event.”

Student Niamh Wheldon, 12, said: “I think Fair Trade is a really good cause as I think people should receive a good wage for the work they do. It has been great fun organising the event.”

Her grandmother Jennifer Davies added: “All the students have done a very good job, from the meeters and greeters at the door to those who have waited on us with such care.”