A disabled dog agility trainer who battled against her illness for 16 years has been chosen to take part in a world cup event in Italy.

Frances Elliott, 57 who suffers from Fribromyalgia and Menieres disease which causes chronic pain and fatigue, nausea and vertigo, was forced to give up her work as a teacher and the sport of dog agility, eight years ago when she became too unwell.

After moving from Kent to Sowerby, near Thirsk, the condition was diagnosed and treated. She worked to manage the illness and started a dog agility club, working with children and training with her beloved three year old collie, shih tzu cross, Sky.

She was chosen to be part of the UK para agility team for the world cup after she got Sky to the top level in the sport.

“I was really over the moon when I was told, I just wasn’t sure I would be accepted, I will be in the most able grouping, it is a real honour to be asked to take part, I really couldn’t believe it,” said Ms Elliott. “I really would encourage disabled people and physically able people who have a dog who would like to try dog agility to have a go,” she added.

Ms Elliott now has to work to raise the money for the competition, which is being held in Volghera in September. Kando Canine Capers training club based in Thirsk, have been helping with challenge events for anyone who trains at an agility club. The next event is on Sunday, July 6.

Anyone who can help or sponsor, contact MsElliott on 07513-035150.