A CHARITY helping young people to get through their daily lives has been boosted by a £20,000 grant from a social housing group.

Stockton-based charity Eastern Ravens Trust has launched the Nu4U programme, which will help young carers and children and young people develop life skills and confidence, has received the cash from Tristar Homes’ Buzzin fund, which is part of the Thirteen group.

The programme will give children and young people access to accredited courses, which will help to teach them how to manage their emotions and take control of finances, in order to help equip them with the life skills they need for now and in the future.

The new service is aimed at young people over the age of 12, who live anywhere in the Stockton borough.

Tracey Hamilton, Eastern Raven Trust’s manager, said: “This new project will make a huge and positive difference to these young and often vulnerable people who shoulder serious, adult responsibilities at an early age and on a daily basis.

“This role is demanding and can restrict their lives and impact their futures. We already provide respite and support services to this group, and this new project will help to take these a step further by equipping these remarkable young people with the skills they need to help them cope with these extra responsibilities, but also to give them a better start for the future.”

The Buzzin Fund, which gives £40,000 to youth projects across Stockton, allocated its grants of between £500 and £20,000 following a vote of more than 1,500 people on the internet and at youth events.

Among the projects which benefitted was Stockton Sea Cadets, which was given £6,400 to help fund two boats, with the Sea Cadets raising money for a third.