CHILDREN learning about the First World War have worked with a poet, the Royal British Legion, handled war artefacts and even eaten food from the trenches in a series of special lessons.

Year Four and Five pupils at Yarm's Layfield Primary School worked with poet Maureen Almond to write a variety of different poems.

The school then hosted a special afternoon organised by Coun Peter Monck, chairman of Yarm Town Council, where the children heard a talk about the work of the Royal British Legion and the origins of their symbol, the poppy.

Richard and Jan Crouch made First World War recipes from the trenches of both the allied and enemy sides which the children got to sample. Parents also brought in a range of items from their own family histories for the children to look at.

Headteacher Helen Owen said: “Remembering those who gave their lives for us and thanking them for their actions is something that every child should learn to do.

“The children thought the whole afternoon was wonderful. They especially enjoyed tasting the foods and handling the artefacts. All of the volunteers were absolutely passionate about their subject and this was infectious. The children hung on their every word, sparking curiosity, generating lots of questions and therefore learning so much.”