A TEENAGE referee is hoping for promotion as she makes a name for herself on the football pitch.

Northallerton College student Jess Shuker is waiting to hear whether her efforts with the whistle have earned her the next level officiating in matches for men and women.

Currently at Level Seven in the refereeing stakes, the 18-year-old has already carved a reputation as one of the best officials in the country for her age.

Assessors have been closely watching her progress as she kept order in 20 adult matches over the last season.

“I have booked a lot of players but only sent two off – both girls,” said Jess, who lives in Northallerton.

“The boys and men are much easier to control than the ladies who often have a problem with self-control.

“One woman received a red card when she started a punch up in the 87th-minute. The other was a goalkeeper who swore right in my face.”

As a football fan she’s also been carefully following all the action in Brazil.

“I have been watching the World Cup with interest but in those temperatures I think it might be better to be in the crowd,” she said.