DIFFERENT ways to improve a North-East community were explored by dozens of residents at unique event this weekend.

More than 100 people attended the event, which was organised by officers and staff from Darlington police and held at the town's Corporation Road Primary School on Saturday (June 21).

It gave residents in Northgate the chance to discuss what they like about the area, what could be improved, and how it could be achieved.

PC John Forster, who helped host the event, said the aim of the day was to get different people working together and discussing ways to solve local problems.

“People were really surprised with it - they said they didn’t expect it to be anything like what it was,” he said.

“They thought they were going to be preached at, but the day was more about them and what they think, rather than us.”

Participants were split into groups and worked together to identify problems in the community, and what could be done to solve them.

PC Forster added: “It was a really good day.

"The people of Northgate are its biggest asset and they didn’t let us down. They were really interested and wanted to take part.

“We have to keep the momentum going now and keep them working together to find out how to take things forward.”

He said another event will be planned in the future which residents will be invited to attend.