A DARLINGTON artist is thrilled to see her creations delighting children across the world.

Joanne Carmichael is the inspiration behind popular children’s TV show Lily’s Driftwood Bay, which is screened all over the world.

Mrs Carmichael – who lived in Darlington until she was 18 – dreamed up the programme’s much-loved characters while exploring the Isle of Arran and its beaches.

The show sees main character Lily create a world of adventure from items found washed up on the beach and features the vocal talents of stars including Stephen Fry, who plays the aristocratic deer Lord Stag.

The mother-of-two said: “It’s amazing to see my characters brought to life and when I imagined who would be posh enough to play Lord Stag, Stephen Fry was at the top of my list.

“I never imagined that he would say yes but he loved the show, as did Peter Mullan who voices another character.

“It’s a massive compliment and it’s amazing to see characters I thought of on the beach being enjoyed all over the world.”

Mrs Carmichael – who is currently working on ideas for other artistic endeavours - now acts as creative consultant for Lily’s Driftwood Bay with TV company Sixteen South.

The programme is aired all over the world and can be viewed in the UK on the Nick Jr channel.