PEOPLE with minor ailments were able to take advantage of an Embarrassing Bodies style roadshow as part of the jubilee celebrations for Guisborough’s King George V Playing Fields.

The Healthy Living Pharmacy project joined forces with staff from the Boots store on Guisborough High Street to offer advice on embarrassing health issues.

Advice was given on everything from allergies to athlete’s foot and eczema to haemorrhoids.

Guidance was also given to those looking to improve their lifestyle by quitting smoking, reducing their alcohol intake or improving their fitness, while there was also a chance for visitors to have their blood pressure checked.

Jane Harvey, the Boots store’s healthy living champion, said: “Far from being willing to go on national TV to discuss their bodies, so many people are embarrassed to speak to their pharmacist or doctor about medical problems.

“Men are definitely the worst. As always, I spent a lot of time talking to wives, girlfriends and mums asking questions on behalf of the men in their life. The blokes are too embarrassed so they send the women in on their behalf.

“Often people have streaming red eyes, spots, rashes or tummy upsets caused by hay fever or an allergy, but they don’t see anyone about it. They just put up with it.

“Anyone who has itchy bits in embarrassing places is naturally reluctant to talk about it with other people, but our message is ‘Don’t suffer in silence’. If we can’t help directly we can always give advice on who to speak to.”

Healthy Living Pharmacy project manager Sandie Hall said: “Modern pharmacies are no longer simply dispensing chemists. There are pharmacies across Teesside open long hours where staff can provide confidential and professional advice free of charge as a service to helping their community lead healthier lifestyles.”