A BLIND woman has invited councillors to walk in her shoes.

Darlington councillors Wendy Newall and Andy Scott will be blindfolded before taking a walk around the town centre on Tuesday, June 10.

The pair will be led by Adele Waterfall-Brown, a volunteer campaigner with the RNIB.

She asked the councillors to don the blindfolds in a bid to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by those with sight loss.

She said: “Blind and partially sighted people face many challenges every day and one of the biggest is getting out and about safely and independently.

“There are often obstacles such as parked cars blocking the way, poor street design, or people cycling on the pavement – all of which make it harder for me to get around the town.”

“I am delighted that the councillors will accompany me on a journey I make regularly and get an understanding of some of the many difficulties I face every day.

“I hope it will also highlight many aspects of daily life that sighted people take for granted.”

The walk will set off from outside The Dolphin Centre at 2pm.