RESIDENTS are being warned over a telephone scam which involves fraudsters posing as police.

Investigators say they dealt with three incidents on Wednesday (June 4) which involved scammers calling York residents claiming to be police officers.

They called on the pretence of investigating a fraud on the victim’s credit card and claim to have arrested someone.

They then provide a fictitious police officer name, collar number and incident number and ask them to ring back on 101.

The fraudsters then hold the line open and when the victim dials 101 the call goes straight back to the suspects who ask for credit card details.

In all three incidents in York, the victims realised it was a scam and immediately put the phone down.

North Yorkshire Police are warning residents do the same if they are called and reminding people to never give bank or credit card details to anyone over the phone.

A spokeswoman said: “A police officer would never ask for your credit or bank card details.

“If you receive a call, please put the phone down and never give your bank or credit card details over the phone or in person to anyone who has called you.”